Earth Brand was launched in 2020 and is backed by Canada’s largest janitorial services company. Our innovative cleaning pods are environmentally-friendly and sustainable, reducing shipping-related carbon emissions by up to 95% and offering consumers an option to reuse existing bottles that would otherwise be discarded.


Earth Brand Brings their Environmentally-Conscious Pod Cleaning System to Canadian Households

Earth Brand Is On A Mission To Remove Single-use Plastics From The Cleaning Routines Of Canadians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, March 24, 2021 – The About Greenlabs Chemical Solutions section in the Earth Brand press release issued on March 23, 2021, incorrectly stated that GDI Integrated Facility Services has 26,000 employees and revenues
approaching $1.8 billion. GDI Integrated Facility Services generated fiscal 2020 revenues of $1.4 billion and has a workforce of over 22,000 across Canada and the United States.

Toronto, March 23, 2021 — Canada’s largest janitorial support company is bringing its innovative industrial secret to the kitchens and bathrooms of everyday Canadians through their revolutionary Green Seal Certified cleaning pods. Plastic is a problem and water is heavy – Earth Brand tackles these problems by reusing existing bottles and taking the ‘just add water’ approach to the at-home cleaning process.

According to Oceana, Canadians produce a lot of plastic waste; an estimated 3.3 million tonnes per year. About 2.8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in Canadian landfills every year – equivalent to the weight of 24 CN towers. Given this, the Government of Canada has recently passed legislation that bans single-use plastics by the end of 2021.

Earth Brand ensures that consumers can access high-quality cleaning solutions without the need for additional plastic waste. By replacing the need for single-use plastic cleaning products and reducing transport-related carbon emissions by up to 95%, Earth Brand is transforming the way Canadians clean with their easy-to-use and sustainable cleaning solution.

The completely dissolvable pods can be used to refill and reuse any existing spray bottle. Alternatively, the one-time purchase of a reusable Earth Brand bottle system will allow the consumer to simply add water to produce a powerful, earth-friendly cleaning solution.

By reusing existing plastic bottles, Earth Brand limits contributing to the overwhelming amount of plastic that currently exists in our environment. By recycling the Earth Brand Pouches that contain the pods, the system has a negative plastic footprint when reusing a single-use plastic spray bottle.

Earth Brand’s initial cleaning line-up is everything a consumer needs to keep their home clean, without contributing to the global plastic problem:

For ease-of-use, the pods are colour-coded, creating a cleaning system that is simple and intuitive – no specialized or complicated cleansers are needed. Consumers simply drop the dissolvable cleaning pod into water, shake, and they’re ready to clean. With lower shipping costs and no need for repeat bottle purchases, this innovative cleaning solution comes in at 75% of the cost of traditional, brand-name cleaning products.

“I am thrilled to introduce Earth Brand cleaning pods to the world. As an environmentally-conscious buyer and new father, I am always looking for ways for our family to be environmentally responsible, conveniently, without sacrificing quality or spending a fortune,” says Nik Barey, who is spearheading the launch of Earth Brand.

“We feel strongly that dissolvable cleaning pods are the future when it comes to household cleaning. We’ve seen the adoption of pods for laundry and dishwashing, it only makes sense for cleaning around the house!” Nik continued.

Earth Brand has a mission to remove single-use plastics from the cleaning routines of Canadians. By implementing pod-based cleaning solutions, consumers are able to reduce plastic waste introduced into the environment, reuse their favourite existing bottles, and recycle their plastic waste conscientiously.

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About Earth Brand
Earth Brand was launched in 2020 and is backed by one of Canada’s largest janitorial services company. Their innovative cleaning pods are environmentally-friendly and sustainable – reducing shipping-related carbon emissions by up to 95% and offering consumers an option to reuse existing bottles that would be otherwise discarded. The one-time purchase of a reusable bottle system offers a 100% recyclable solution that is Green Seal Certified. With their years of experience, Earth Brand is leading the charge in offering Canadians the same sustainable and affordable cleaning solutions that are available to industrial consumers. For more information please visit: or follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter.

About GreenLabs
GreenLabs is the manufacturing division of Superior Sany Solutions – a wholly-owned subsidiary of GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc. GDI is a leader and innovator in the building services industry that management believes is among the five largest facilities services provider in North America with fiscal 2020 revenues of approximately $1.4B. The company has over 22,000 employees across Canada and the United States. Founded in 2014, GreenLabs Chemical Solutions is a white-label chemical provider, with environmental sustainability at the forefront of its operational strategy. With over 200 proprietary chemical formulations, GreenLabs is dedicated to providing end-to-end cleaning solutions to the North American marketplace.

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