How Earth Brand cleaning pods are better for you, and better for the earth: Earth Brand Pods are a cleaning solution that aims to save—save you money, save energy, save the earth. 

Since 1985, we’ve been developing high-quality, eco-friendly industrial-grade cleaners for all levels of the cleaning industry — from small-time housekeeping and house cleaning services to commercial-level, large-scale janitorial cleaning companies. With so many of us staying home now, and with cleanliness taking a new level of importance, it’s time to bring those same important eco-clean values to houses across Canada. 

Why Pods

Earth Brand Pods are similar to every other pod that is used in other industries. Many of us are familiar with pods when it comes to dishwasher pods and laundry pods — cleaning pods work in the same way! If you’re curious about the process, check out How It Works to learn more. It’s pretty easy — just add water, and you have a full bottle of cleaning solution for a fraction of the cost. 

The Truth about Cleaning and Pollution

The truth is cleaning materials can cause a lot more pollution than you think. 

First, there’s single-use plastic bottles. Even though you do your best to recycle, it doesn’t always end up there — more-often-than-not plastic bottles end up in landfills. This is why Earth Brand sells only really durable plastic bottles meant for reuse along with our pods, and we encourage using your own bottle if you have one! 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

There’s more to how Earth Brand pods limit the environmental impact. We don’t think about what getting a bottle of liquid cleaner really means: liquid being transported across the country from the factory, to the retail location, eventually to your home, which means excess fuel being used to transport heavy bottles, instead of light, compact pods, with great cleaning power! In fact, up to 95% of carbon emissions during transport is eliminated. 

Finally, packaging. By limiting the amount of packaging required, and ensuring that all of our packaging is recyclable, we aim to be less of a burden on the environment, while helping you keep your environment spotless! All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, and reducing our collective carbon footprint is part of the Earth Brand promise. Each little pod, which weighs less than an ounce, makes a standard bottle size of cleaner (750ml to 1L) that will keep you cleaning for months, no matter which cleaning solution you decide to use. Check out our currently available pod and combo packs on Amazon. 

Earth Brand Pods take the cleaner out of the bottle, and put it into a compact pod. Just add water, and you get the same bottle of liquid cleaner, at a fraction of the cost to the environment — and you get to cash in on the savings! 

The Earth Brand Promise 

Earth Brand is working towards making high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning more accessible, while limiting the impact cleaning can have on the environment. Our cleaning solutions are completely eco-friendly, and have been used at a professional level across Canada for decades. We have much experience creating cleaning products that are tough on dirt, and gentle on the earth, and now you can bring them home. 

By purchasing Earth Brand Pods, you’re limiting your carbon footprint while being sure that the cleaner you use is earth-friendly. Learn more about the Earth Brand Story.